In light of updated restrictions, we will meet online for the next few weeks beginning 22 Nov. Find more information here. Need help joining us online? Email pastor Matthew.

Come and See.

Several millennia ago, a Jewish rabbi walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee, calling people to follow where he might lead. He fed them from the Word of Life, he healed their diseases, he forgave their sins. The world has never recovered from this meeting and it never will. But it will be redeemed and this at the hands of Jesus who is not merely a rabbi but is God himself, fully God and fully man.

Two thousand years later almost everything has changed in the world and yet the human heart beats just the same. Though our world is more complex, the need of every human being remains the same. There is a great fracture between human beings and God, which was brought about and is maintained by preference to one's own desires. The biblical language for this is idolatry and sin.

The Church, of which Emmanual Anglican is but a part, is the Body of Jesus. It is his hands, his feet, his mouth, his heart, his presence in this world and it is animated by the Holy Spirit. Our parish seeks ways to draw into deeper communion with God that we might be hands of healing, voices of truth, arms of compassion, and the presence of Jesus to those around us.

Our life together is focused around the weekly practice of gathering together as God's people to worship him and be fed by him. Our worship adopts the Anglican form which provides us with a rich tradition that engages our entire being, body and soul. We engage in this weekly drama that is the drama of Christ himself that we might be formed and reformed into the image of him.

It is our joy to welcome you regardless of who you are or what your background might be, for this is how Jesus has welcomed us. We have received freely from his hand, though the redemption he offers cost him infinitely more, so freely we give.

– Matthew, pastor