Anglicans are rooted in history and looking to the future. It really is quite remarkable.

The origins of the Anglican church go all the way back to the lives of the Apostles. Today we are a world-wide, global and contemporary church with aproxiately seventy million members - and still growing. We are modern but with our feet in the soil of time.

Anglicanism is a way of faithfully participating in the many facets of the Christian Faith.  During the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century the Roman Catholic Church experienced reform through many influences. Each had its valued contribution to correcting the abuses of the Church, and England did too. Our worship style reflects both historical and modern expressions.

At Emmanuel we cultivate a kind of "presence of mind" about worship. We follow the church calendar, practice an artful liturgy, confess our faith through the historical creeds, place a high value on Holy Communion, ordain well-educated ministers, place a high premium on the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and practice compassion for all people. Our guides are tradition, the Bible and reason.

Anglicans have a high view of the Bible, value tradition, and use our minds, our hearts and our hands. We respect leadership, and yeild to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We give him our lives because he alone is the source of our fulfillment and transformation.

Emmanuel Church is constantly growing into a mature and vibrant community of faith. What we say we believe we try to practice, though we are not perfect, we lean steadily foward into the goodness of God.

Join us in worship.