Anglicans are called Anglicans because of the English influence on the church during the time of the Protestant Reformation, in the 1500s, but the actual origins of the Anglican church go all the way back to the time of the Apostles. This means that we are a contemporary church but we have ancient roots.

Anglicans are what Robert Webber called an, "Ancient-Future" church; meaning, the way to the future of the church flows through its past.

This is why you will notice at Emmanuel -- a combination of both ancient and modern forms of worship. Just like St. Paul's words about Holy Communion, ". . . you do show forth the Lord's death, until he returns, This is a (present) (past) and (future) orientation and it affects how we view the Faith and forms our spiritual perspectives. We cultivate a kind of "presence of mind" about time. What we do now is rooted in the past with a view to the future. It really is quite remarkable.

Our services have a stable form, but we are thoroughly modern and forward looking. When you visit, you will notice candles and sometimes the use of incense. Our priests, deacons and acolytes wear formal vestments, and we receive Communion in front of a unique and beautifully hand-crafted altar. Our altar was especially designed by a master woodworker, and it has been set apart for the worship of The God who is Himself the essence and fountain of Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

The ARTS of all kinds are important to our worship, as are proclaiming life and mercy, and as we share meals and life together.

Emmanuel Church is constantly growing into a mature and vibrant community of faith. What we say we believe we try to practice, though not perfect, we lean steadily foward into the good things our Heavenly Father calls us. And this we do through the way we live our lives together . . . in the context of the "The Anglican Way," which is to say, "historical biblical discipleship" that honors Jesus Christ and his right to lead us, and his power to transform us. We don't want to stay the same. We long to become more like him.