Things that shape our worship:

History - The Anglican Church formed during the Protestant Reformation. We've been around a long time, and we are the third largest Christian tradition in the world.

Liturgy - The Bible and the Book of Common Prayer unify the content of our worhsip

Reason - Faith requires vigorous thoughtfulness. The worship of God includes heart, head, hands, clarity and focus

Community - This Parish values "heart-to-heart" connections and sharing of life in Holy Communion, small groups and meals together.

Experience - The work of the Holy Spirit is alive and active in our midst. Charismatic gifts and miracles are integral to our worship and outreach. 

Emmanuel is a Christian church in the Anglcian tradition. Our faith is built on the love of Christ and His Lordship. If you desire community, friendship and rich liturgy you can find it here.

All are welcome.