You will feel at home at Emmanuel.

If that is important to you, then, that's all you need to know before you come worship with us. If you want more, please keep reading.


Warm friendships, historical Faith, artful liturgy, Holy Communion, and a humble  community of loving people who serve Jesus Christ, that's what you'll discover at Emmanuel. You will find a home where you can connect, grow and thrive.

We are orthodox in our faith, biblical in our teaching, Anglican in our forms of worship, Ecumenical in our relationship to other churches, and sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit.

Our worship style is a pleasant mix of contemporary and traditional.
You will find sincere Christians and a worship approach without hype or distraction.

We gather for three reasons; to receive the Word of God through the public reading of scripture and preaching, to participate in Holy Communion together, and to build a sense of relational community as a congregation - often during meals together. We care for one another in many ways.


We describe ourselves as “Ancient-Future” Christians … 

The road to the future runs through the past. Robert E. Webber


We think you will be inspired here, and will find connections of support through those who will love and celebrate you in Christ.

Join us at Emmanuel Anglican Church this Sunday!

Rev. Dr. Daniel Rice