You will feel welcome and find friends at Emmanuel.
Our worship style is truthful, heartfelt, solid, historical and real.
If that is important to you, then, prettymuch, that's all you need to know before you come worship with us.

If you want to know more in terms of details, then plenty of that follows here. Read on if you are still curious.


Hi, this is Fr. Daniel,

First, let me assure you that you are always welcome to worship with us.

What will you discover here?
You will find genuine friendships with people of sincere Christian faith. You will discover a humble gathering of believers in Jesus without a lot of hype and fanfare. We are pretty basic folk; moms, pops, kids and grandparents. We describe ourselves as "Ancient-Future" Christians - meaning, rooted in history but always connected to culture and contemporary human needs. 

What we are NOT
We are NOT the high-powered church of thousands. But we are solid and we are growing; both inwardly and outwardly. We are nothing other than a group of people who love Jesus and want to follow him sincerely. We have a high consiousness about being a church rooted in the deep history of our faith. Our worship is steady and sane, but never boring. I think you will be inspired here, and you will be safe from both hierarchical tyranny and intellectual heresy. You will find yourself surrounded by real friends who will love and celebrate you in Christ.

Worship and teaching are important to us, so is artful liturgy, rich experiences of Holy Communion, and an inclusive family of belivers who love and serve Christ. We have a grand history, and we are assured of a bright future.

Three Streams
With our roots deep in the soil of the ancient Christian faith we celebrate three streams of Christian expression, Catholic (not Roman Catholic, but the world-wide Christian Church), Evangelical (which means we have deep respect for the Bible), and Charismatic (meaning, we teach and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit).

We are a sacramental, biblical and spiritually gifted community 

Visit us during our main gathering at 3PM on Sunday afternoons, at 316 N. 70th St. in Greenwood, Washington - one door east of Greenwood Avenue, on North 70th Street. We practice Open Communion for all  who consider Jesus Christ their Savior and Lord; those who have been baptized into the Faith. If this describes you, then we invite you to share the Lord’s Table with us each Sunday. After Sunday Service we have a time of Fellowship for those who desire to talk and get to know one another better. Once a month we have a "movable dinner" where we get together in small groups in houses, pizza parlors, or pubs.

  • During the calendar year we have special high services during Advent, Lent and Easter. We follow the liturgical calendar, so you can see what we are going to be doing at any given week. You are welcome - anytime.
  • Because our worship services are crafted in the Anglican tradition, they are layered, enjoyable, sane, orderly and easy to follow.
  • We celebrate Holy Communion every week, or as often as possible.

You might be wondering, "What is an Anglican?"
That is a good question and you might want to visit the Anglican page at http://www.anglicanchurch.net/?/main/page/about.

Historically, the Anglicanism began in England five hundred years ago, during the Protestant Reformation. Anglicans are both Protestants and Reformed Catholics. Sounds different than most churches, and it is. We try to retain the best of both Protestant and Catholic traditions, and it workd VERY well.

That said, you will find a variety of Anglican expressions around the world. Some are considered "high-church," meaning more like a traditional Roman Catholic traditions - you know, "smells and bells." Some are identified as "low-church," which means few if any vestments and formal garb, like an regular Evangelical church, and some Anglican churces are placed n the middle, called Broad Church - between a little formal and a little informal.

Mid-formal - or "Broad Church" might describe Emmanuel best.

We have numerous wonderful traditional forms like vestments, candles, incense, and so forth, but we are also flexible enough to follow the extemporaneous leading of the Holy Spirit. We feel we are enjoying the best of both worlds, you might like what you see and feel of God's presence in our midst.

In addition to historical Anglican forms, we enjoy a rich and artful liturgy; we sing traditional hymns as well as contemporary music. We hold to the Apostles' teachings in all things as well as declare the Word of God in a contemporary way during the pastor's public address (called a homily, or sermon). You can hear some of these addresses here on the website on the Sermon page.

  • When you visit, I believe you will feel the gentle energy of this vibrant community of faith, and you may well sense the very real presence and joy of the risen Jesus Christ in the midst of his people.

We Love the sound of babies crying in our services. No kidding!

  • Our church family ranges from folks in their young twenties to mature seniors - a nice cross section of ages.
  • Famiies with children are encouraged to come to Emmanuel, because God loves you and He loves your energetic children and your fussy babies - and so do we. These are the sounds of LIFE, and LIFE is what we are all about. Bring everyone into the service. Your entire family, from the oldest to the youngest are welcome. The more the merrier.
  • We Dream
    Our dream for Emmanuel is that we would grow into a strong, energetic, vibrant Christian Community, worthy and capable of blessing this ever-changing city.
  • We Hope 
    Our hope is built on God's promises and we look ahead with a joyful sense of expectation toward a bright and certain future.
  • We Pray
    Our most earnest prayers are that Christ will touch and heal lives and families in this city, for their help and for the benefit of his kingdom.
  • We Love 
    We care for the people and things Jesus cares for you, and we open our lives to him first and foremost, then to others, and ultimately to all those to whom God is calling to himself.
  • We Labor
    We work to provide spiritual enrichment for Seattle as the Lord enables us, and we hope you will drop by some time and say hello. We would truly love to meet you.

By the way, there is a parking lot as well as plenty of on-street parking, plus the sanctuary is wheelchair accessible.

If you're looking for a parish to belong to, please come see us at EMMANUEL ANGLICAN CHURCH here in Greenwood. Come, let us worship the Lord together.

Warmly yours,
Rev. Dr. Daniel Patrick Francis Rice+