I am not one for a passive approach to life, nor do I think one should be reckless and self-willed, but no one should sit around waiting for the phone to ring with some stranger on the other end offering you the perfect opportunity for health, wealth, and happiness.

I believe Providence unfolds best when people are intentionally engaged in the “processes” of life.

We may not be able to control our destinies, but we CAN be engaged in the flow of living. That is why you have been given the gift of this life — so you will engage it — and by engaging it YOU will certainly change your world.

As we are so engaged — opportunities present themselves. The wise recognize the potential for success as well as the chance for failure.

Do not let opportunities pass you by because of your fear of failure; or simply because there is risk involved — or even that possibilities for success come disguised as tough challenges with hard work.

Get off your “couch” and take action!

What phone call do you need to make? What letter do you need to write? What project do you need to complete? What door do you need to knock on? You probably already know. So do it - today. Don’t wait for a more opportune moment - because they may never appear.

Do not sit and mope about how you have been left behind, ill-treated, maligned, ostracized, marginalize, unjustly treated or unappreciated.

Get up! Look forward. Engage the world with as much might as you can muster.

If you can do that — your world WILL change. That I can guarantee you.

Fr. Daniel+