December 15, 2012 Speaker: Daniel Rice

Topic: The Holy Spirit Today - Podcourse

This FAQ session is a personal comment from Fr. Daniel about the public nature of the work of the Spirit and emphasizes the point that the bestowal of the Holy Spirit is for the sake of continuing the mission of Jesus Christ. This point is vital to note and establish, as it separates us from the notion that the Holy Spirit was given as a means of feeling "blessed," but rather for action and ministry in the rough and tumble world.

Further, Luke's record of the work of the Spirit indicates the intense public nature of the works of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit, in Acts, is not manifested in connection with an internal psycholgical contemplative orientation, nor given in a secluded environment, but He comes in power and demonstration in public places, and in union with the preaching of the Word of Christ with boldness. Simply put, after Pentecost, Christians preached the gospel and the Holy Spirit worked miracles, signs and wonders as they did so. It was the norm then and ought to be the norm now.

One final point is that we (Christian believers), not some nebulous and unpredictable bestowal of the Holy Spirit, are responsible for being filled with the Holy Spirit in an experiential way. This is in real space-time manifestation and is not merely general and positional. We present ourselves to God to "be being filled with the Holy Spirit," and we stay in prayer until He fills us in an experiential way; anointing us for ministry, empowering us to serve, giving us authority over the devil, enabling us to go on "mission" with Jesus Christ that the Kingdom of God might be seen and felt in this world.