Holy Communion is also called The Lord's Supper, The Lord's Table, The Mass, and The Eucharist. These terms are interchangable. The word Eucharist means, "thanksgiving." We celebrate the Lord's Supper as an act of joyous gratitude.

We believe in the REAL PRESENCE of Christ through the bread and wine. What we mean by this is that Jesus Christ is truly spiritually present as we partake of the bread and wine in faith, with thanksgiving.

No, the bread and wine do not change in any way. They are always bread and wine, but Christ is present to us in the Communion, by faith, just as he is present in his Church - the Body of Christ, spiritually, by faith. And because he is actually present we regard this sacrament as a means by which we receive the tangible goodness of God.

Christ's Real Presence is a miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, just as are all of the other operations or manifestations of the Spirit - and there are many. Yes, this is extraordinary, but this is what the Christian Church is about - and has always believed, namely, living in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. So it is normal that we should joyously expect Christ to be present in the Eucharist. In fact, we believe the Holy Spirit is at work in every part of our services. God is very much alive and active at Emmanuel Anglican.