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The Powerful Word

Several days ago I read through 2 Ki 22-23 which tells of king Josiah and the reforms he brought to Judah, including demolishing idols, deposing corrupt priests, and restoring the Passover. These were sweeping reforms and ones that were sorely needed. What struck me more than the reforms themselves was the impetus of them: God's Word.

Hilkiah, the high priest, was rooting around in the temple and stumbled upon a copy of Deuteronomy that had inadvertently been misplaced. How it had been misplaced, lost, and forgotten is another discussion. But on finding God's Word, his instruction, guidance, and letter of love to his people, the heart of Josiah was moved. It began with lamentation and repentance, and then moved into action. God's Word is that powerful. His Word is that powerful still.

We are all living stories and examples of the power of God's Word, powerful enough to call the dead to life. Emmanuel, it is a joy and privilege we have to encounter God weekly, as his body gathered, to hear yet again from his Word. Would you prepare your hearts and lives, and come with expectancy that God will use his Word once more in your life.

Grace & Peace