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Looking Unto Jesus

This is a wonderful meditation on Hebrews 12:2 - very much worth your time. Use this over the course of several days, or a week, and let it sink in. Do not rush or hurry through it. This is a rich vein of gold. Take time to mine it daily in your devotional life. It will transform your life by helping you "Look" to H Jesus. ...

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Father Daniel discusses the need for Spiritual Direction and how practicing specific spiritual disciplines will help us "Know the Will of God" for our lives. To grow skillful in these practices will make our lives richer, more secure and actually easier. ...

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What is an Anglican Church Like?

Description of what an Anglican church is like....

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ANGELS and PROPHETS - Revelation and Incarnation

YOU CAN KNOW GOD - How? In this homily, Fr. Daniel speaks briefly about the phenomenon of REVELATION as it relates to human knowledge and the mediated knowledge of God through Jesus Christ. ...

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FRANCIS, Follower of Jesus

Anyone who''s read much about St. Francis comes away with the sense that this man was unique among the followers of Jesus. I have heard and seen all sorts of silly things about Francis, from syncretistic religious gobbledegook to sentimental garden statues that reduce this amazing saint to the level of a lover of cute woodland animals and birds, but then, I have heard m...

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