This section is a bit extensive, but it is best to put it all here so you can see the basic set of ideas, mission, beliefs and core values we are working with. Don't feel like you have to read the whole page all at once. Take it in bite size pieces . . . or just look for the things about which you're interested.

We exist to worship God, to love others and to help all people find their way back to God through the Lord, Jesus Christ.

This statement reflects both the Great Commandment [To Love others as Christ loves us],
and the Great Commission [To Go and make disciples].

The Mission of Emmanuel Anglican Church is to love God and love our neighbors, without partiality, and by means of every good and rightful tool available to us; beginning at Seattle, Washington and then to the rest of the world, as the Lord leads us.

Further: We exist to declare and demonstrate, by the gifts and powers of the Holy Spirit, by the whole Bible and by the Good News of Jesus Christ, that God loves all people everywhere, and for that reason has sent Jesus Christ into the world to redeem all who will repent and place their trust in him.

We are dedicated to teaching the historical gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who will receive it.

We are committed to offer ourselves as a community of refuge to everyone who desires God.

And, thus we will devote our, talents, resources and abilities to promote such a community, and thus embrace the coming of the Kingdom of God; until Christ returns, or until he calls us to himself.

We affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ alone, and, join Him in calling all people to repentance and obedience to him.
Fr. Daniel Rice+

The Nicene Creed

The Book of Common Prayer

Our faith rests on solid pillars:
Scriptures / History / Three Streams of Spiritual Life / Reason / Experiences of God / and harmonious cooperation with the Anglican leadership of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and the Diocese of CANA-west; as they lead in obedience to the Word of God and the historical faith. We are also participants with all other ACNA dioceses, local regional and national, as well as the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans.

We are focused on three values:
Content, Compassion and Community
     Our Content is the Bible and the Creeds
     Our Compassion is our love for neighbors and one another
     Our Community is our commitment to a shared-life of faith and daily care for each other

Experience of God - It is not enough to intellectualize subjects like the New Birth, the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, and so forth, we encourage people to make it personal. Everyone needs to experience the reality, power and beauty of God for themselves. This is possible! You can find God at Emmanuel. Your "take-away" from Emmanuel will be an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. There is nothing more important than this, and this is why we exist; to enjoy relationship with him.

The Scriptures - Jewish and Christians Testaments, commonly called the Old and New Testaments make up the whole of the Bible. Understanding both are necessary for developing a complete relationship to God . The Truth of God contained in the Bible is eternal and unchanging. You will find a deeper relationship with God as you study His inspired Word. We teach and proclaim God's Word.

History - The Holy Spirit has been at work in the Church for over two thousand years and we can learn a lot from those who came before us. Their faith, their discoveries and their experiences continue to instruct and inspire us today. This is why we conduct our worship of God with the rich content that has been handed down to us over two millennia. You will find God in the liturgy because it is full of the Word of God and it will lead you into clarity and faithfulness. The Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and the great teachings of the Church - both pre-Reformation and Reformation understandings assist us in our faith and move us forward in our lives.

Three Streams - We describe ourselves as catholic, evangelical and charismatic, but we also must explain that we are not Roman Catholic, nor are we Fundamentalists, nor are we unruly or fickle in our worship practices. Catholic means the "Universal Church" in the whole world - the Body of Christ; Evangelical means we have a high view of the Bible. Charismatic means that we believe in - teach about - and practice Spiritual Gifts in our church, as they are described in the New Testament, particularly in The Acts of the Apostles, Romans and 1 Corinthians.

Reason - The life of the mind is completely vital to a Faith. Intelligence and faith, trust in Christ and reason are not mutually exclusive. We want hearts and minds that are not only intelligent but that are supple enough to be able to learn and grow as the surrounding culture changes. At Emmanuel, we encourage and teach that all believers in Jesus should use sound reason, proven wisdom and rigorous thinking in conjunction with a vibrant Faith. Christians need not always agree on every point, but we want to be reasonable about all we do affirm and promote. In the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion in the Book of Common Prayer, you will discover statements and examples about all we affirm and teach.

Safety - We want you to know that you are safe at Emmanuel; safe from false doctrines, and free from the cults of personality and capricious leadership that chase every new or odd practice that comes on the scene. We practice the historically proven "Three Fold Ministry" of (1) Bishop (superintendent), (2) Priest (pastor), and (3) Deacon (servants of the congregation).

Our pastor, a mature minister, is himself under authority to bishops and other leaders, and he is accountable to those who form the core leadership of Emmanuel Anglican.

Sometimes people think "safety" means an easy environment and a context in which one is never challenged to grow, repent, change or stretch. That is not safety, it is the path to extinction. At Emmanuel you will be challenged - and sometimes you will feel uncomfortable - but you will always be loved and cherished. You will never be derided or mocked. You will never be forced to do anythng against your will. We will always endeavor to treat you with the utmost respect and honor. Yes, we fail at these things, but we are serious about having integrity in these areas - and most of the time we do succeed.

We absolutely do accept all people just as they are, but we do not always affirm every person's personal practices, beliefs or life choices. Why? because we hold the Bible to be the sole standard and sufficient rule for all things that pertain to one's salvation and relationship to God and others. This makes us safe from the winds of doctrines that blow through the church from time to time, it protects us from false teachings that could damage or diminish us, and it protects us from those who do the church harm by bringing in harmful teachings or non-christian practices. 

Aesthetics - You will notice that we have a stable and vibrant order to our service. This is called liturgy. Two wonderful things about liturgy are that liturgy helps us process into the presence of the Lord in an orderly fashion, and liturgy is artful; aesthetically pleasing. We believe that beauty is and should always be part of authentic spirituality. We believe that the worship of God should be beautiful.

Community - If these are important values to you, then you might feel right at home at Emmanuel. Often, when visitors drop in at Emmanuel they say, "I feel like I have finally come home." We think you might feel the same way too, we do. We are a community of friends and you are always welcome to become part of what God is doing in this place.