Emmanuel Anglican values the Arts in every culture, not just the western forms. Why? Because the Arts form the core elements of every culture. Art is part of the language of culture.

If one cares about communicating with others, they will find a direct bridge of communication with others through the Arts. Christianity, if it is about anything, is about communication, community and culture.

It is worth noting that the first act accomplished by the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) was to overcome the communication gap of language. Everyone heard the proclamation of the gospel in their own language.

Communication is central to the activity of God in the world of human beings, and that automatically places the Arts at the center of that motivation.

We invite you read Fr. Daniel's article about "beauty." He touches on beauty's  importance in our lives and how it is vital to the worship of God. The Arts share pride-of-place in the Christian faith, and the appreciation of beauty is one of Emmanuel's core values.